About Us

David was a self-employed lawyer who had been interested in tech solutions for lawyers since he finished school.  He had always  done everything himself – all the research and writing and all the administrative stuff too.

But this was very inefficient.   How could he use tech to solve routine law office tasks?  So he went on the hunt to find a partner to help him build a solution. 

Then by a stroke of good fortune, David met Noel, an immigrant from the Philippines, who just happened to be an IT expert in the Bay Area and who was also looking to build a tech solution for small businesses.

And so they had an idea – What if they could combine technology with talented people to help lawyers solve routine legal tasks each day?

So Noel and David founded Podnah.


David Kervin

David Kervin, Jr. – Founder and CEO

David is a lawyer who saw the need of Podnah.

Noel Temena – Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

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