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Welcome to Podnah – Your Small Business Partner.


Podnah is where lawyers go to hire freelance lawyers, law students and paralegals to help them on an as-needed basis for their various legal projects.


Maybe you’re a solo practitioner and need help drafting an appeal.  Search Podnah to find a freelancer who is an expert in drafting appeals.  


Lawyers, Law Students and Paralegals can join Podnah so that hiring lawyers can find the right person for their law practice needs.  



Podnah is Easy,  Affordable and Flexible.

  • Lawyers search legal freelancers and hire them for free. 

  • Lawyers, Law Students and Paralegals can join to help lawyers on their projects.

  • Legal Freelancers pay a simple, affordable flat listing fee of $12/month (or save 30% at $99/year). 

  • No commissions are taken from the Employer or the Freelancer.  

  • Pay and get paid on your own terms.

  • Freelancers keep more of what they earn.


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