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About us

Hi,I’m David and I’ve worked as a lawyer, financial advisor, consultant and startup founder. Over the years I’ve represented hundreds of individual and business clients in all kinds of matters including finance and debt, business transactions, class actions, personal injury, healthcare and civil litigation.


  • Admitted to the bars of Texas, Louisiana, the District of Columbia and Massachusetts.
  • Admitted to Eastern, Western and Middle District Courts Louisiana, U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of the United States
  • Juris Doctor, BBA and two negotiation certificates from Harvard Law and Harvard Business Schools.



How we can help

I started Podnah to help other small business owners and startup founders affordably answer and address common legal and business issues they face when they start and grow their business.

I have learned to answer the same common and recurring questions clients have and I want to share that knowledge and wisdom with you.

your helpful business partner!

David Kervin


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  • Podnah is where you go for help with your new and growing business.

    “Uva uvam vivendo varia fit.”